Yallahs Primary School

Phillipsfield Yala Yallahs, Saint Thomas

telephone: view phone876-703-3790, 876-982-5062

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About Yallahs Primary School

As his reputation continues to grow worldwide, reggae singer Stevie Face remains humble and in touch with his roots.

The graduating class of 2010 at the Yallahs Primary School got an unexpected surprise recently when Stevie Face, who is also a past student of the school, turned up at the school to congratulate and entertain them. He was invited by a senior teacher Ms Michelle Buchanan, who had kept his appearance a guarded secret from the students and parents in attendance.

His entrance into the school's auditorium was met with deafening screams. He proudly thanked the children on their accomplishments at this early stage of their educational journey and then gave them a very humorous motivational speech.

He then treated everyone to a brief but superb performance which consisted of songs such as Tell It Like It Is and his latest hit In The Living Years.

However, much to the disappointment of his adoring young fans, he had to cut his performance short for fear of turning the graduation event into a stage show.

Stevie Face also promised to remain committed to the development of his past school and offered a pledge of assistance in the near future.

The school was recently fitted with a state of the art computer lab courtesy of the USAID and Western Union, and continues their profound commitment of delivering the very best primary education the parish of St Thomas has to offer.


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Yallahs Primary School

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