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5-7 Dome Street Montego Bay Montego Bay, Saint James

telephone: view phone940-4243 / 450-6833

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About Undergrad College

Undergrad College is committed to providing high quality education whilst keeping tuition and fees affordable. Undergrad College strives to ensure that it produces broadly and thoroughly educated graduates, we seek students with demonstrated strong drive and desire to succeed.

Advantages of attending a private school:

The student to teacher ratio which is 25:1 (Twenty-five students to one teacher)

The private school can afford to spend more on getting the most qualified teachers

The private school has a closer student teacher relationship

Pass rates are much higher, as high is 100% in some subject areas


Dr. Sylvester Ogilvie

Vice Principal

Jennifer Coleman





Student Enrollment


Other Information

The Undergrad High School:
The High School, hosting grades 7 to 11

For the ages 11 to 18

Any student leaving primary or preparatory school can graduate directly into the Undergrad High School System. The curriculum is the same as the traditional government high school and it is fully approved by the Ministry of Education.


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Undergrad College

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