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Montego Bay Montego Bay, Saint James

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About Sam Sharpe Teachers College

Built on a hill amidst the villages of Granville, Irwin, Tucker, Pitfour and Retirement, the College was envisioned to be a catalyst in community and human development. As it carried out its prime mandate of Teacher Education, it would give leadership, mentorship and encouragement to a young and problematic population of Granville and its environs. Its main mission was to the western end of the island - to increase opportunities in education at the tertiary level, thereby improving the quality of life of its people.

Built in 1975, by the Government of Jamaica under the World Bank II project, the College began operations as The Granville Training College, in September 1975 with a cohort of 150 students, selected from almost every parish in Jamaica. A month into the start of the institution, it was named The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, after the slave and Baptist Deacon Samuel “Daddy” Sharpe who was named National Hero in that year. Rt. Excellent Sam Sharpe had used the opportunity given him by his benevolent master, to not only learn to read and write, but to teach his people about the evils of slavery which went against the teachings of Christianity – ‘No man can serve two masters’- , and made them aware of the movements in England against slavery.

His organizational skills were evidenced in the Christmas Rebellion of 1833, when slaves refused to work. The fire in Kensington, a few miles from Granville, was a vivid signal “that no longer they live in slavery”.



Vice Principal



founded in 1975 by the Ministry of Education and funded by the World Bank



Other Information

Registration for classes for each academic year takes place in the last two weeks of August preceding the start of the school year. The process has three main steps.


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Sam Sharpe Teachers College

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