Rusea's Comprehensive High School

Lucea District, Lucea P.O. Lucea, Hanover

telephone: view phone876-956-2054, 876-956-2275, 876-956-2211

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About Rusea's Comprehensive High School

The school was build in 1777 after Martin Rusea, a French refugee, left gracefully all of his land (in his will dated July 23rd, 1974) for a free school to be built. The traditional colors of the Rusea’s high school are yellow, blue and green. Originally this school could admit roughly 100 students per year. Over the time the need for higher education in Jamaica forced the school to expand and now it has two campuses and admits more students. I was surprised when I heard that this high school was founded in 1777


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Tanice from lucea,hanover
rusea's high school is a top school in both academics and cultural activities
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Rusea's Comprehensive High School

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