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About Rose Gordon Prep School

On May 18th, 1953 the doors of the Rose Gordon Kindergarten and Preparatory school were officially opened. While this signified the schools formal establishment, its founder Mrs.Dorcas May Rose, had previously accommodated children on a part time basis on her verandah for over two years.

Mrs Rose (affectionately known as Aunt May) was a dedicated educator who started teaching at government schools affiliated with the Moravian Church in St. Elizabeth, Manchester and St.Ann. When she moved to Kingston, after Marrying Harry Rose, there were no schools which were affiliated with the Moravian Church in the Parish. She decided to start her own and the school's connection with the Moravian Church still exists.

The name of the school is partly accredited to the painter who made the schools first sign. Mrs.Rose wanted the schools name to be "Gordon-Rose"; Gordon, her Maiden name and Rose, her name by marriage. However, the sign painter lost the written directions she had given him and painted the name "Rose-Gordon". Mrs.Rose wanted to have the sign re-done but her husband thought the name should remain.

The institute started in humble surroundings at Delamere Avenue in Kingston 13. Her first class consisted of four children - her son, her landlord's child and two children of a friend. Attendance grew, as younger siblings joined the institution and satisfied parents told their friends about the school.

The institution later moved to East Road and in 1961, to its present location at 75 Montgomery Avenue, Richmond Park, Kingston 10.

Rose Gordon is one of the oldest preparatory schools in Jamaica and has been registered with the Ministry of Education since 1974. It is also a member of the Jamaica Independent Schools' Association (JISA).

The school is still located in a homely atmosphere with classes small enough to facilitate individual attention to all students. Mrs.Rose placed great emphasis on not only academic achievement but also the overall development of her students. In 1973, one of her dreams was realised when, with the assistance of Grace Kennedy Travel, Rose Gordon was among the first set of Preparatory schools whose students took a trip to Disney World in Florida.

On the passing of Mrs.Rose inn 1991, her successor, Mrs Ethle Walters and Ms. Verna Gordon, ably assisted by Mrs Ruth Elliot, Mrs.Millicent Morgan, and a dedicated staff enabled the school to continue its growth. Presently, there are 220 students enrolled, ranging in age from two and a half to twelve. The academic staff consists of eleven full-time teachers and five part-time teachers.
In order to ensure their pupils receive individual attention, Rose Gordon endeavours to keep the size of its student body moderate, with an average class size of approximately 25 students.

The school has performed exceptionally well academically. Over the years, the institute has enjoyed an average of 85 percent passes in the former Common Entrance Examination and present Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). In 1982, Colin Daley was awarded the school's first Government Scholarship to Campion College.

Rose Gordon had also consistently participated and placed in various inter-schools' competitions. Students have received certficates in the Wilson James Art Competition and the Gleaner Spelling Bee Competition as well as trophies in Tae Kwan-do Competitions. In 2000, the school was awarded a silver medal in the Milo Prep School Atheletic Championships. The band was awarded the silver medal when it first entered the JCDC Festival in 2002. In 1981, the Brownie Pack received the bronze Cookie Award from the Girls Guide Association. In 2002, Rose Gordon placed second from a group of 33 in the 4H Competitions. Students have participated in football Competitions and the KFC Prep School Quiz and Debating Competitions.

Among the facilities are a Multi-Media Centre with six computers and internet access and a canteen which serves snacks and hot meals. The curriculum includes Information Technology, Spanish and Music. Extra-curricular activities include dancing, karate, drama, music, the 4H and Brownie Clubs, football, cricket, athletics and cub/scouts.

There are three houses: Hastings, named after the Rev.S.U Hastings, a former Bishop of the Moravian Church; Milton, the name of Mrs.Rose's favourite poet and her son;and Gordon, Mrs.Rose's maiden name. The institution enjoys a good relationship with the Richmond Park community which is evidenced by the number of students in the area who are in attendance.

Rose Gordon also tries to give back to the community through participation in outreach activities. The school was actively involved with the Walker's Place of Safety. Staff and students assist in Labour Day Projects in the neighbourhood.
Children also make visits to the Maxfield Park Childrens' Home.

The institution has produced a wide range of professionals including bankers, lawyers, computer programmers, teachers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, marine biologists and aeronautical engineers. Among its outstanding past students are Chantal Ononaiwu, the 2003 Jamaica Rhodes Scholar and Reshima Hemmings, an international Model.

In 2003, Craig Channer, a past student, led a delegation of 40 students and lecturers from Harvard University and the University of Philadelphia to Jamaica to visit with the Government and business executives. In January, the delegation visited the institution along with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture.

Rose Gordon has an active Parent-Teachers' Association and past students' Association which assist the institution through ventures such as fundraising and mentoring of students.

Under the present administration of Mr.Milton Lynch and Ms.Verna Gordon and with the assistance of a dedicated staff, Rose Gordon has continued on the path of excellence set by its founder....


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Rose Gordon Prep School

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