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Reviews of Anchovy Primary School

Anchovy Primary School

Anchovy, Saint James

Anchovy Primary School is situated in the parish of St. James. This institution is approximately twelve kilometers (12 km) from the capital city of Monte go Bay. It got its name from the community in which it is located.

telephone: view phone876-956-4180

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ONE LOVE-TRULY MISSED Star OnStar OnStar OffStar OffStar Off - 06/18/2014 15:21:29
Simone from st james
The school actually looks really up to date now and prosperous.I left the school back in 1997,when i left for America. They school was made from wood and i was shock to see how the school changed physically on the outside. HOwever,i dont know if on the inside,the students are being taught at a more successful level and not being beat. "I hated that part". I myself dont think the the teachers should beat any kid but their own and i hope that isnt the thing of today.I miss my old school,but happy to see the new one. And i only hope and pray for only the best for Anchovy Primary School because that's were my roots began. much love

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