Ascot Primary School

1 North West Ascot Bra4 Saint Catherine

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About Ascot Primary School

The school has its genesis on September 1, 1997. The Acting Principal was Mrs. Mobray Campbell, with a supporting staff of eleven (11) teachers. There were approximately four hundred (400) students enrolled in Grades 1-4. The school’s capacity was increased when Grade 5 was added in 1998 and a further increase in 1999 when Grade 6 was then added.

On December 10, 2000 the school had its official opening. This was done by the then Minister of Education Burchell Whiteman. It was at this function that the minister announced the appointment of Ms. Jean Fearon as Provisional Principal.

Current Status

Ascot Primary now accommodates one thousand two hundred and forty five (1245) students. The staff consists of Ms. Jean Fearon (Principal), Mrs. Georgia Green, (Vice Principal), Ms. Sophia Mellard (Clerical Assistant), Mrs. Claudia Scott (Guidance Counsellor), Mrs. Irma Morgan-Pitter (Librarian) and thirty four other teachers including a Music teacher, reading specialist and a teacher employed by the school to assist with Physical Education as well as a teacher assisting in the computer laboratory.

The school has been participating in a number of competitions. Some of these include Butterkist Mathematics, K.F.C Inter-Prep and Primary, Debating, Spelling Bee, Oratorical among others.

There are other extra-curricular activities include a number of clubs. Some of these clubs are Brownies, Red Cross, 4-H, Good News, K Kids, Cub Scouts, Spanish, Speech, Drama as well as Art club.

The Multi care Foundation has been offering tremendous assistance in the field of Sports and Art. They have been providing materials with which to work as well as hosting workshops where the children are exposed to a variety of creative adventures.


a wonderfull school Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On - 02/20/2012 18:06:33
mohammed phillips from ST.Catherine
The school is a very hardworking. The teaching is wonderfull. The staff is hard working group.
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Ascot Primary School

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