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Anchovy, Saint James

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    Anchovy Primary
  • Anchovy Primary
    Anchovy Primary
  • Anchovy Primary
    Anchovy Primary
  • Anchovy Primary
    Anchovy Primary

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About Anchovy Primary School

Anchovy Primary School is situated in the parish of St. James. This institution is approximately twelve kilometers (12 km) from the capital city of Monte go Bay. It got its name from the community in which it is located. Anchovy is a rapidly expanding community. A few residents own and operate businesses, some are self-employed while others work in the city of Monte go Bay. Students who attend this school travel an average of 12km to school with the majority coming from Anchovy and neighbouring communities such as Mt. Carey, Roehampton, Lethe and Montpelier. Some students travel as far as Montego Bay and beyond.

The school began as an Elementary School in the neighbouring community of Mt. Carey on the Baptist Church ground, but the building was later destroyed by a hurricane. As a result, the school was removed to its present site in 1938-1939 after temporary buildings were constructed by the Public Works Department. The school was reopened in January 1940.

During the period 1938-1939, the Public Works Department constructed three temporary structures on the present site to house the school population. Subsequently, the school was relocated and re-opened in January 1940.

The temporary buildings became permanent ones as they housed the school community for over thirty-five years. Each building accommodated two grades - grades 1&2, grades 3&4, and grades 5&6.

The school population grew steadily and resulted in overcrowding. Space then became a major problem and the buildings were now in a dilapidated condition, therefore, the need for a new structure with additional classrooms.

Construction of the new buildings started in September 1996 and was completed in August 1998. These were built to accommodate some 800 students while the old buildings had a population of over 700 students. Two of the old structures were demolished while the other was renovated to accommodate additional classrooms.


Mr. Gerald Lawrence

Vice Principal






Other Information

The school has the task of preparing students for society. This preparation is not only to gear them to be civil servants, that is, mere followers, but also to become effective leaders. According to Rampersad and Rumraw 2005 School provides for the society a population of skilled persons in a variety of areas.

Its job is to produce persons with attitudes and values needed by the society so as to ensure peace and progress, the school serves as a transmitter of customs, history and beliefs. Students who possess leadership skills will: develop greater self esteem are more likely to influence their peers positively hence being equipped they will be able to offer more to their communities.


ONE LOVE-TRULY MISSED Star OnStar OnStar OffStar OffStar Off - 06/18/2014 15:21:29
Simone from st james
The school actually looks really up to date now and prosperous.I left the school back in 1997,when i left for America. They school was made from wood and i was shock to see how the school changed physically on the outside. HOwever,i dont know if on the inside,the students are being taught at a more successful level and not being beat. "I hated that part". I myself dont think the the teachers should beat any kid but their own and i hope that isnt the thing of today.I miss my old school,but happy to see the new one. And i only hope and pray for only the best for Anchovy Primary School because that's were my roots began. much love
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Anchovy Primary School

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