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GSAT test results

What If

A child can practice the GSAT Exam and have the report email to the parent(s) or Teacher(s) to review their performance?

A child can see the exact weekness of a subject and are able to strengthen the problem through interactive animated  fun Lessons and Exercises?

A  Parent can access over 3,000 GSAT relavant Test questions and interact with their child's learning progress?

A  Parent can access Scholarships and grants based on their child academic reports from Reports Manager allows you to view Testing results for each Test, at a glance and in detail (when the test was taken, how long it took, the answer to each question, points earned for each question, points for the entire test,).


Teach It To Kids Student Relationship Manager

An important part of solution is our ability to effectively communicate with students and parents. We believe that interacting & communicating with our students is a vital component in providing an exceptional educational experience. With our SRM, every interaction between students, parents and instructors is recorded and tracked. Student information is continuously updated to ensure high-quality communications and interactions between students, parents and instructors. With the aid of this detailed student interaction data, parents or instructor have the tools necessary to assist any student at any time. Student Relationship Management tool is the heart of the online learning implementation. Built on state-of-the-art “contact relationship management” technology, the focus of this system is to provide real-time data to parents, advisors, and administrators on the key performance variables of engagement, time, pace, and grade, allowing student performance to be constantly evaluated. In addition, the SRM has built-in escalations and notifications, so parents and  insructors who are evaluating student performance may re-engage students in the instructional process at the first sign of a problem.

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