Parents is Jamaica's free education and GSAT preparation resource website for parents and children. We have a wide range of  learning resources for children to use at home, either independently or with family members or friends. The resources have been created and developed by teachers and professionals who work with children. They have been designed to help children learn Math, English, Science, Communication, and Social Studies while having fun, or while learning about something else.



There are several challenges facing schools today as they work to provide students with the tools and resources needed to be successful. These challenges range from shrinking budgets and costly solutions, to increasing drop-out rates and apathetic students. Here are just some of the major hurdles can help parents overcome:



Variable Learning Modalities – In today’s education environment, Learning Spectrumstudents are learning in a variety of settings. From the traditional, brick-and-mortar schools to full-time online courses, finding a way to accommodate the needs of a variety of students can be a daunting task. With it's free and easy.

Ubiquitous access to education – In today’s “I want it now” society, having a way to allow 24/7 access to lessons and GSAT exam practice test is a great benefit to provide to your child. Everyone has busy schedules, so allowing your child  the ability to access free lessons and resources relevant to the GSAT exam on their own schedules is quickly becoming a necessity. 



Faculty Resources & Coverage – As school budgets become smaller, many schools find themselves without the resources Learning-Environmentand coverage needed to accommodate students.
High teacher-to-student ratios can lead to overcrowded classes and high teacher workloads as we have seen escalating in our public schools in Jamaica. 

Revolutionizing the Learning Environment – Technology is quickly becoming an important part of our lives. From cell phones to computers, the internet to instant messaging, technology is a part of every aspect of our day-to-day activities. Embracing these new technologies and incorporating them in your homes is essential in today’s realm of education



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