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Tree Frogs

Tree frogs are frogs of the family Hylidae. There is large variation within the tree frogs. Many of the arboreal frogs are green in colour, whereas the terrestrial and aquatic species are duller. They mostly feed on insects, however some of the larger species can feed on small vertebrates. Many of the tree frogs are not arboreal, and can be terrestrial or aquatic. The species within the genus Cyclorana are burrowing frogs, sometimes spending many years underground. Noisy before rain: The European tree frogs (for instance Hyla arborea) are common in the middle and south of the continent, and range into Asia and the north of Africa. The species become very noisy on the approach of rain, and are sometimes kept in confinement as a kind of barometer. Evenings in North America: In North America there are many species of tree frog, including Hyla versicolor, a species of grey treefrog, and Hyla cinerea, the green tree frog. The spring peeper is also widespread in the eastern United States and commonly heard on summer and spring evenings. The tree toad is a popular name for several of the Hylidae. Hyla versicolor is the changeable tree toad, Trachycephalus lichenatus is the lichened, and T. marmoratus the marbled tree toad.

Tree Frogs
Tree Frogs

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