Vitamin D-licious Mushrooms
Treating peanut allergy bit by bit
Where Have All the Bees Gone?
Tree Frogs
Sleepless at Sea
Cacophony Acoustics
Not Slippery When Wet
The Colorful World of Synesthesia
Fish needs see-through head
From dipping to fishing
Chemistry and Materials
Screaming for Ice Cream
Bandages that could bite back
Sticking Around with Gecko Tape
Troubles with Hubble
Supersonic Splash
Electronic Paper Turns a Page
Dinosaurs and Fossils
A Living Fossil
Watery Fate for Nature's Gliders
Have shell, will travel
E Learning Jamaica
E Learning in Jamaica WIN PRIZES and try our Fun Animated Games
2014 GSAT Results for Jamaican Kids
Results of GSAT are in schools this week
Groundwater and the Water Cycle
Easy Ways to Conserve Water
Salty, Old and, Perhaps, a Sign of Early Life
Saving Wetlands
A 'Book' on Every Living Thing
What is groundwater
Finding the Past
A Long Haul
An Ancient Childhood
Sahara Cemetery
Megamouth Sharks
Basking Sharks
Food and Nutrition
Chocolate Rules
Chew for Health
Sponges' secret weapon
GSAT English Rules
Who vs. That vs. Which
Problems with Prepositions
GSAT Exam Preparation Jamaica
Mastering The GSAT Exam
March 21-22, 2013: Over 43,000 students will take the GSAT Exam
GSAT Practice Papers | GSAT Mathematics | Maths
GSAT Exams Jamaica Scholarships
GSAT stars reap scholarship glory
Results of GSAT are in schools this week
GSAT Exam Preparation
GSAT Mathematics
Math and our number sense:
E Learning in Jamaica WIN PRIZES and try our Fun Animated Games
How to Slice a Cake Fairly
Human Body
Cell Phone Tattlers
Gut Germs to the Rescue
Taste Messenger
Black Widow spiders
German Shepherds
Humpback Whales
Choosing a Preschool: What to Consider
What Not to Say to Emerging Readers
How children learn
Spin, Splat, and Scramble
Road Bumps
Powering Ball Lightning
City Trees Beat Country Trees
Flower family knows its roots
Stalking Plants by Scent
Komodo Dragons
Garter Snakes
Boa Constrictors
Space and Astronomy
Cousin Earth
Sounds of Titan
Phantom Energy and the Big Rip
Technology and Engineering
Supersuits for Superheroes
Shape Shifting
Morphing a Wing to Save Fuel
The Parts of Speech
Problems with Prepositions
Adjectives and Adverbs
What is a Verb?
Morphing a Wing to Save Fuel
Middle school science adventures
Troubles with Hubble
Where rivers run uphill
In Antarctica watch the heat (and your step)
Warmest Year on Record
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The Annual GSAT Scholarships

The Annual GSAT Scholarships Each year, the Society works in tandem with the Ministry of Education to identify 17 students who excelled in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and who have not been awarded other scholarships. In addition, ten (10) children of Jamaica National employees are also selected for scholarships on a similar basis. These awards are broken down as follows: •Fourteen (14) parish scholarships, one to each parish •Three (3) county scholarships, one to each county, (open only to participants in the JN School Savings Programme), •Ten (10) children of JN employees GSAT Scholarship Duration: Five Years School Reports: Parents are required to provide annual school reports to indicate that scholarship recipients maintain a minimum grade average of 70%. Failure to maintain the grade will result in the suspension of the scholarship for the next academic year. The scholarship, however, will be reinstated the following year if academic performance improves.

The Annual GSAT Scholarships
The Annual GSAT Scholarships

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