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Results of GSAT are in schools this week
2014 GSAT Results for Jamaican Kids
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Results of GSAT are in schools this week
2014 GSAT Results for Jamaican Kids
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Results of GSAT are in schools this week

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said while the average scores in the various subjects written in this year sitting of the Grade Six Achievement Test – GSAT - have improved over the last six years, the levels were not satisfactory.

As such, he said that efforts would be made to readjust the ministry’s budget internally to provide more literacy and mathematics coaches in schools.

Students who have scored below an average of 50 per cent in the GSAT will be especially targeted for remedial work.

Meanwhile.. the Government plans to invest more in the public education system by not placing any of the 39 thousand 438 students who sat GSAT in private schools.

According to Minister Thwaites the move is expected to save taxpayers 15 million dollars.

Minister Thwaites said no students were sent to any of the country’s all-age schools.

The education told a press conference yesterday where he gave a preliminary report on the results of the 2014 GSAT that his administration is creating the space in the high school system.

Results of GSAT are in schools this week
GSAT Exam Results 2014

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